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Why should I try Reiki?​

When you are ill physically or mentally you can feel anxious or stressed. Reiki helps us to relax and for a while forget about our concerns. The practice of Reiki is about protecting your personal energy and looking after yourself. When you are able to protect your personal energy you are able to give more freely without constantly feeling exhausted and stressed.​

A Reiki session gives the mind and body time to convalesce and creates or tones inner harmony which helps you to feel more able to cope in difficult times, or tops up and reattunes your inner harmony if you are a regular visitor!​

Reiki is so gentle and such positive energy, it is suitable for all individuals in all situations. It is often used to compliment other medical treatments but should NEVER replace them.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a natural, gentle and safe practice of cleansing and realigning energy in the body. Dr Usui Mikao founded the practice in 1922 and although it is not at religion, there are definite echoes of Dr Usui's Buddhist faith and Japanese culture in the Reiki Principles and practices. The word Reiki literally means Universal Life (Rei) Energy (Ki).

Rei is the energy which flows through all living things and Reiki Practitioners use their knowledge and perception of this energy to manipulate and strengthen it in themselves and others. 

​your Ki can become stagnant and negative in times of trouble or just through coping with day to day life or illness over a long period of time. A Reiki Practitioner can help to clear this stagnation and negativity to get your energy flowing freely again. This may help symptoms of physical or emotional distress.

What happens during a session?

At your first session, we will have a chat about your general health and what you are hoping to achieve through the session, so that I can gain an idea of any concerns you have. I will make you comfortable on a reclining chair. I also have a treatment couch if you would prefer to lie flat.

​A session lasts 60 minutes using specific hand positions which work to remove negative energy from your chakras and body. Throughout the session you will be fully clothed. The session should be extremely relaxing and leave you with a sense of calm purpose. Some people drift off to sleep, others report strange dreams or realisations. Some people feel nothing at all, but leave feeling rested and replenished.

I also offer Distance Healing and House Cleansing, please enquire.

Reiki £40/ hour

Distance Healing £30/ hour

House Cleansing £50

Concessions available for emergency services and NHS staff on presentation of valid ID.

Reiki: Service
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